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Clement explains LBRY to new people

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  • LBRY India is a community for LBRYians in India. We are the full supporters of LBRY,  secure, open, and community-run digital marketplace to enjoy the latest content from your favorite creators—as a user, not a product.  Join our whatsapp group

LBRY Meetup and hackathon in VIT Vellore. This was organised as Dev Fest

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  • You can get to meet new people whiles getting involved with us. The LBRY India community is made up of people from various educational and cultural backgrounds. You can get to learn new things and get to meet new people. Probably make some new friends

Clement giving a talk about opportunities in blockchain

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  • Are you a Crypto or Blockchain enthusiast? Heard about Bitcoin and want to learn more? Do you want to earn some free cryptocurrency? A youtuber that wants to earn some extra income? Are you trying to avoid youtube censorship? Well then, you are at the right place. One advantage of being part of the LBRY Community globally is, you get to earn some free LBRY Credits (LBC) for helping out, the token that powers the LBRY Blockchain.We hold tech meetups where we teach more about LBRY and Blockchain. 

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Meetups And Hackathons

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Meetups And Hackathons

We do hold community meetups once usually in a month. During our meetup, we discuss about

  • Blockchain and the impact on the current industry
  • LBRY as some of the use cases of blockchain
  • Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

+ Event Details

Would you like to be involved in planning more meetups or want us to have a meetup in your college or with your group? Want LBRY to be present in your hackathon? Drop in and share your ideas! You can contact us.

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Do you have an idea for a great place to hold a meetup? Drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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